A project that brings music, visual arts, and architecture together to create a social experimental exhibition in Taichung, Taiwan. "What if I can create a space where there is no pretending and no judging ? A space where a musician does not play to be paid and an audience does not listen to be impressed?

A space where we can have a minute, 
one minute of music, 
one minute of us, just us. "


Boston and Cambridge


2019 September

For 10 days in September 2019, Celebrity Series gave powerful, free music experiences to 4,000+ people, one listener and one musician at a time. Concert for One paired individual listeners with solo musicians for 60 seconds of focused live performance and concentrated listening, fostering one-on-one connections between performers and audience members.

Violist and New England Conservatory graduate Rayna Yun Chou created the project in Taiwan in 2016 to address concerns that classical music had become inaccessible and musicians’ feeling of isolation from their audience.

In Boston (Greenway’s Chin Park) and Cambridge (Harvard Science Plaza) performances took place inside a temporary art installation featuring an interactive lobby and performance space that had just enough room for two chairs, two people and an instrument.

Concert for One was free and open to the public, no reservations or tickets were required. The performer’s name, instrument, and what music they would play was a mystery until a listener entered the space.